Blog Post A Note From The Owner

A Note From The Owner

Flagship Property Management! What started as a secondary business income and maybe as a ho-hum type add-on as a real estate broker has turned my world around.  This little side company was just supposed to be that.  A real estate property management firm in Greenville,...
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Blog Post Military Appreciation Discount

Military Appreciation Discount

With Wings Over Wayne Air Show here, we are proud to announce our Military Appreciation Discount! Check out some of the perks below but most of all, we would like to thank those who are serving and have served our great country. Military Appreciation Discount:   - Reduc...
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Blog Post Meet Our Staff

Meet Our Staff

If you haven’t had a chance to stop by our office, take a minute to stop and look at who is keeping your property managed! First up is Brian Corbett, the owner and broker of Flagship Property Management! Take a look at his bio below to find out more about him! Brian Corbett...
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Blog Post Differences of Working With Flagship

Differences of Working With Flagship

We might be a little biased, but we truly believe trusting Flagship Property Management with your investment is one of the best decisions you can make. Self managing a property can get overbearing and cause a lot of stress to your life. DON’T WORRY….We are here to he...
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Blog Post Next Steps:

Next Steps:

Clearly you are interested in a property manager… whether you have one property or multiple properties, we are here to help! Regardless, the next steps are the same!  Take time to review our management agreement this includes our addendums such as: Performance of Nece...
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Blog Post How to Get Your Security Deposit Back: Tenant's Key to Success

How to Get Your Security Deposit Back: Tenant's Key to Success

If you’ve ever been a renter, you’ve likely paid a security deposit. Deposits can be steep! You probably really wanted the entire amount returned to you upon moving out.If you’ve ever been a landlord, you were probably more than happy to give renters their money...
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Blog Post New Management Form Importance

New Management Form Importance

We can not stress the importance of our “New Management Form!” Some people may be wondering why you have to fill out a separate form for each and every property we manage for you or why this is important.  The answer…..EFFECTIVE MARKETING!!  This form...
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Blog Post Flagship Guarantees

Flagship Guarantees

Although we can guarantee a lot of things here at Flagship Property Management, here are some of the extra special ones!  Our 30 Day Leasing Guarantee Flagship Property Management is so confident in our marketing and leasing ability that we add a guarantee to our manage...
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Blog Post Screening Criteria & Viewing A Property

Screening Criteria & Viewing A Property

Are you interested in one of our rental property listings?Are you interested in an on-site viewing of a property we have listed?Are you wondering about our rental screening criteria? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, we are here to help!! We take our sc...
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Blog Post High Quality Photos and Videos

High Quality Photos and Videos

How do I rent my property FAST?........ Marketing is an essential aspect of getting your property rented fast! Having high quality photos of your property is key for many reasons. Not only does it catch a potential tenants eye, it allows for proper advertisement. High quality pho...
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