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Do you have a good rent collection process? Maybe you ask, “what is a good rent collection process?” If this is the case, it is time to evaluate your process or hire a professional property manager.

The rent collection process should offer several options for tenants to pay their rent, and more importantly… PAY ON TIME! The last thing you want is for a tenant willing to pay rent but does not have the option to do so. We view the rent collection process as a need for convenience for all of our tenants. By having many opportunities to collect the rent, we greatly reduce the amount of unpaid or late rent dramatically.

Ways we make rent collection easy and convenient for tenants:

  • In Office during business hours
  • Online through our tenant portal
  • Locked drop box at office for after-hours payments
  • Postal mail delivery to office

Why is this important to our property owners? Our tenants have many opportunities to pay their rent on time each and every month. This allows us to help our property owners be more consistent with rent payment distributions and monthly cash flow. You no longer have to worry about rent showing up in your mailbox because we provide direct deposit for all of our property owners. Each direct deposit initiates an email link to your monthly management statement that will detail the income and expenses for each property on a line item basis and copies of invoices for any maintenance performed.

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