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Maintenance - considered by many to be the largest fear and headache when it comes to investment property ownership. Maintenance, if not handled correctly, can be a lingering nightmare for both the property owner as well as the tenant. It is important to have proper systems in place to handle maintenance requests, vendors, tenant communications, and invoices. These systems help handle each issue as smoothly and quickly as possible.

The importance of routine and emergency processes can not be emphasized enough. Here at Flagship Realty Group, we have spent years ensuring our total maintenance system is easy and open to all tenants and vendors for fast and effective communications. The system we use for our maintenance request initiates an immediate work order that is immediately assigned to the appropriate vendor. This system allows vendor, tenants, and property managers to communicate directly. The lack of communication about maintenance requests is the #1 reason we hear complaints from incoming tenants or property owners wishing to hire us as their new property manager in Greenville, NC, or Goldsboro, NC.

We conduct inspections upon move-in and move-out that include documentation of the property’s condition when a tenant moves into or out of the property. This inspection is linked to a full report with pictures and video that can be shared with tenants and property owners upon request.

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