Blog Post Evictions and The CARES Act

Evictions and The CARES Act

If you own your home free and clear and do not have a mortgage on the property, then stop reading - all you need is this affidavit (please submit to Alyssa Hanzl at at your earliest convenience), but if you write a check to a mortgage company each month, the...
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Blog Post Different Ways to Spice up your Rental

Different Ways to Spice up your Rental

We all know that sometimes it can be hard to decorate when you know that you are only a renter! Here are a few things that are inexpensive that may seem really small but can really help turn your room into more of a home! Add Paintings- You can go to the store and buy a painting ...
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Blog Post What is Property Management?

What is Property Management?

The basic foundation of property management is simply managing a property that is owned by another person or entity. The property being overseen may be residential, commercial or industrial real estate. The extended care that goes into property management in Greenville, NC is wha...
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Blog Post Who Needs a Property Manager?

Who Needs a Property Manager?

Are you a real estate investor, homeowner or landlord with a rental property? If so, then YOU are a candidate for needing a property manager in Greenville, NC. Brian Corbett, the boss man (Broker/Owner) here at Flagship Property Management, is a real estate investor himself. He b...
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Blog Post How to Decorate Your Rental: 2019 Decorating Trends

How to Decorate Your Rental: 2019 Decorating Trends

There’s nothing better than decorating your rental property to make it feel more like home, except of course, when you’re on trend while doing so. Here are some 2019 decorating trends to make you the most savvy and stylish tenant on the block:  Pops of Color ...
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Blog Post Eviction FAQ

Eviction FAQ

Quite often, we get lots of questions about evictions! Evictions can be tricky as a landlord if you don't know exactly what your rights are! Flagship Property Management has you covered with all of the steps to a successful eviction. You can learn all about the different step...
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Blog Post What is the

What is the "Leasing Fee"? Why is it important?

The Leasing Fee that we charge here at Flagship Property Management for newly signed leases is an all encompassing fee that covers all of our marketing efforts for a property, ultimately helping us find high quality tenants by generating as many leads as possible.   Property...
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Blog Post Renting Your Home While Deployed

Renting Your Home While Deployed

When you're deployed, and your house is sitting empty, you may wonder whether it's possible to earn extra money renting out your home until you return. The simple answer is YES! There are some factors to considered before you list your home for rent. Figuring Out How...
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Blog Post Make Laundry Day Easier

Make Laundry Day Easier

Laundry doesn't exactly make the top of the list when it comes to enjoyable chores. Unfortunately, it is one of the chores that we can't really get rid of. Instead of dreading laundry day, try these tips to help you manage your load and make the most of your time. Before ...
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Blog Post Permitted Uses of Security Deposits

Permitted Uses of Security Deposits

The common belief that the security deposit belongs to the owner is false. The security deposit that is paid by a tenant when they move into a rental dwelling actually belongs to the tenant and is held in trust until their tenancy is terminated. At the time of termination, t...
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