What is the "Leasing Fee"? Why is it important?

What is the
The Leasing Fee that we charge here at Flagship Property Management for newly signed leases is an all encompassing fee that covers all of our marketing efforts for a property, ultimately helping us find high quality tenants by generating as many leads as possible.  

Property Management as an industry is a low margin business.  Therefore, when property managers think of marketing a property the usual marketing ploys are all that are ever put into play.  The typical marketing plan of a property management company in Greenville, NC is take a few basic pictures (typically a camera phone), throw a sign in the yard, and place it on their website.  While these are bad choices for marketing, they are redundant and “old school” methods that don’t appeal to today's potential tenants.  

Quality tenants today are the same as todays real estate home buyers.  They use the online tools and websites to search for their next home.  Having the best listing available with the most accurate information becomes highly important in appealing to these tenants.  That is why we, Flagship Property Management, go the extra mile when it comes to our marketing for available rentals and the need for the leasing fee.  

The extra efforts include:
  • Professionally edited and water marked photos
  • Professionally edited video walking tour videos
  • Floor plans online when available
  • Posting on our website 
  • Posting on over 20 other rental websites 
  • Social media posting to our pages and other rental property specific groups 
  • YouTube hosting of all our videos and walk through tours
  • Code Box system for 7-day per week, 12 hours a day showing capabilities 
  • Sign in the yard
  • PLUS, an ever evolving marketing program