Screening Criteria & Viewing A Property

Are you interested in one of our rental property listings?

Are you interested in an on-site viewing of a property we have listed?

Are you wondering about our rental screening criteria?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, we are here to help!! We take our screening criteria serious and you can easily find it on our website just click here!

Here at Flagship Property Management, we check the following for ALL applications received for our rental properties:

  • Credit History

  • Rental History (including  current rental verification and eviction history)

  • Eviction Record

  • Income (Must be 3 times the rent)

  • Criminal Background

The credit score check must be a 600 or higher combine score of all applicants. 

Rental history shows history of eviction filings (if applicable) which are not allowed to be present in the past five years, along with a current rental verification from your current landlord or property manager. 

The criminal background check will verify if any major felonies have been recorded as well. These factors can eliminate an applicant from eligibility.

Additionally, the combine income of all applicants must be three times the amount of the rent. 

The application fee is forty-five dollars per person (plus a service fee of five dollars). Anyone over the age of eighteen must apply. 

Interested in viewing one of our available properties? No worries, we have you covered. 

Step 1: Visit our available homes for rent to find which house you are interested in!

Step 2: Click “ View Details” on the property you are interested in. Under the photos and property information, you can “Schedule a Viewing” or “Apply Online”. 

Step 3: Fill out the contact information form including your full name, email address, and phone number. Please ensure the phone number can receive SMS/text messages. Click “Continue To Next Step”.

Step 4: Complete questions including move-in plans, lease length desire, if you have pets, income, and more. Once filled out completely, click “Continue To Next Step”. 

Step 5: Upload a valid identification including but not limited to a driver's license. Please ensure photo is clear to ensure verification. 

Step 6: Select time and date you would like to view the property. Our vacant properties are available to be viewed seven days a week from eight in the morning until eight in the evening. You will be notified to the phone number you provided in step three with information on how to access the property. Follow the text prompts to access the property. 

Step 7: View the property with the four-digit code you are provided. Once you are finished, secure the home and text back the automated system with feedback of the property. 

If you are having any difficulties accessing a code box, please check out the video below to see how it works!

If you have any additional questions, check out our Q&A session below! 

Question: I found a property I like, now what?

Answer: We LOVE hearing you are interested in one of our properties! If you are interested in taking a stroll around the property before applying, follow the steps above to our easy, self showing! If the gorgeous, high quality photos and house tour video already sold you on the property, follow steps one and two above to apply now!

Question: I do not meet all of your rental qualifications, now what?

Answer: Depending on which part of the rental qualifications you do not pass you may have other options. We can not determine if an application will pass without running it completely. We do have a risk mitigation program for applicants with a slightly lower credit score. 

Question: If I want to negotiate rent, can you do that before I apply?

Answer: No, in order for us to present one of our real estate investors with an offer for lower rent then we would want to know that you are qualified to rent the property.  If qualified, we will gladly ask the owner if a reduction would be considered.  Other factors that might help would be length of lease, move in date, etc. 

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