New Management Form Importance

We can not stress the importance of our “New Management Form!” Some people may be wondering why you have to fill out a separate form for each and every property we manage for you or why this is important.  The answer…..EFFECTIVE MARKETING!! 

This form is essential to the marketing aspect of your investment property. In order to ensure the proper and effective marketing of your investment property, this form must be filled out in the most thorough manner. Please allow for any additional comments in the “other” sections of the questions! The more information we have about a property, the better we can market that property to new prospective tenants. 

This form is available because we want the best for you, the owner, and for your property. Getting a great, high quality tenant in your property as quickly as possible is always our goal. This New Management Form allows us to obtain these high quality tenants through proper and transparent marketing.  

So many people spend more and more time online searching for their next home to rent.  Having accurate and up to date information, pictures, video home tours, and more help us find the perfect tenant for your property. 

If you would like to learn more about our marketing plan please visit our website and through a couple of our videos that can be found in the FAQ’s section under the owner tab! 

It would be a huge help if you, the property owner, would follow our social media pages (FacebookInstagram, and Twitter) so that you can help spread the word of your available property through sharing, likes, and comments!  This helps us reach a larger audience through the simple clicks of a few buttons on your end. 

Check out this Q&A session to see if there is any questions we can answer for you!

Question: I want my property rented FAST and turnover to be EASY. How can we make this happen?

Answer: Our goal is to get your property rented fast and with a high quality tenant! One of the easiest ways for us to properly market your property is by completing the New Management Form as thoroughly as possible! As for turnover, our Turnover Maintenance Package can make turnover easy and move much faster! Help us help you by communicating quickly and efficiently with our office staff! 

Question: Why do I need to fill out this form? Why can’t you just go to my property to do it yourself?

Answer: We could do this but this would extend out our process to be much longer. Our goal is to market your property accurately and fast. If we have to wait to get into the property to complete the form, we are losing time and possibly new rental leads. It is essential to fill our the New Management Form thoroughly so no time is lost and we can get money in your pocket faster! Allow us to manage your investment stress free!

You have the opportunity to make a large impact on getting your property rented, putting more money in your pocket fast! Let us help you!

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