A Note From The Owner

A Note From The Owner

Flagship Property Management! What started as a secondary business income and maybe as a ho-hum type add-on as a real estate broker has turned my world around.  This little side company was just supposed to be that.  A real estate property management firm in Greenville, NC that could service a few clients as they came along. Now, I say that Flagship Property Management was CREATED BY AN INVESTOR, FOR INVESTORS! It has developed into a business that I absolutely love for so many reasons.  Too many to list here, but a few of them are below:

  • I have grown a successful business as part of my AMERICAN DREAM!

  • I am able to offer jobs and support to others with my work family

  • I am able to help my clients achieve their investment goals 

  • I have become a better real estate investor by learning from others

  • I am a better Property Manager by being a better real estate investor

 There are so many more reasons that I love what I do and the company that has grown since 2007.  

In 2007, 4 brokers at a local firm came together and decided to start a property management firm called Flagship Property Management.  At its inception, I fell in love with property management and it wasn’t long before I realized this was my direction and main purpose in real estate.  It was and is  a challenge every day on both the tenant and investor side of the transaction.  From ever changing laws and rules to dealing with different personalities on a daily basis.  This makes our world turn!

I won’t lie, there are the days when we want to throw our hands up and fold up shop but somehow we pull it back together and become stronger as a company.  I can attribute much of this to a strong network of what we call our “work family.”  This group of individuals has seen each other’s trying times over the years as well as our victories, both professionally and personally. It is through these events of life that has made us a strong group that can support each other with the common goal of company success.  When I say “I have your back no matter what” I really do mean it and they know it!  

You see, creating a company culture that allows for us to laugh, joke, get frustrated with each other, walk away from each other, and yet always love and trust each other is something that has always been a goal of mine.  This may not work for every industry or every business, but it works for me!  

Thank you for your continued support, 

Brian Corbett

Owner/ Broker of Flagship Property Management